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The Encoded Volume 1 Cover C

Devil's Due Comics

The Encoded Volume 1 Cover C

$ 15.00

(W) Josh Blaylock and Mark Powers
(A/CA) Jethro Morales

What if our fears of a tyrannical A.I. turn out to be unfounded, but nevertheless, humanity forces this machine intelligence to fight back? In 2055 we survive a brush with oblivion when the A.I. AURELIUS achieves singularity -quickly deactivated but not without a fight. A decade later governments ensure it never returns by activating the "Analog Protocol" - frequently and without warning. Citizens must expect, at any time, to lose all digital capabilities. What they don't know is that AURELIUS left a piece of its mind behind - in a simple hemp farmer known only as Epictetus. 


48 page. Comic Book.

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